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Until now, paintings have determined various elements such as location, color, shape, composition, size, material, medium, technique, sensibility, originality, and so on, imposing (compelling) these upon the viewer.


The viewer has no choice but to accept them. In other words, when an artist expresses a painting in a specific form, it inevitably creates constraints and a lack of freedom for the viewer.


I believe the painting closest to freedom is one where colors, shapes, expressions, and such are akin to something being generated within the brain of each individual viewer. Paintings should be reborn as something imagined and created within one's own head. If such a painting existed, it could liberate viewers from these constraints and a lack of freedom.


This is a new form of painting. This painting liberates viewers from constraints and a lack of freedom, making paintings that are bound to conventional forms a thing of the past.


Imagine this.

Many people around the world picture that Mona Lisa in their minds, right? Most individuals would probably visualize roughly the same image. But this new painting is different. This new painting allows people around the world, across time and space, to conjure up their own individual images within their heads.


The bare minimum necessary idea for expression (the minimal constraint) is given, but without it, there would be no expression. From this idea as a starting point, each individual imagines and creates in their own colors, shapes, expressions, and interpretations.

There are two visuals, each distinguished by a background of white and light blue (or blue). A single fish is depicted in both visuals. The fish drawn against the light blue (or blue) background is represented in white, with white bubbles illustrated as popping from its mouth. On the other hand, the fish drawn against the white background is represented in light blue (or blue), but there are no bubbles depicted around its mouth.

(Can you imagine what is depicted in this painting? What you see here is freedom (and unfreedom). Can you see it?


In this painting, there is a fish against a white background, and another fish against a light blue (or blue) background. If you look closely, you'll see that bubbles are drawn only around the mouth of the fish represented against the light blue (or blue) background. That means, the light blue (or blue) part of the background signifies water.


The fish in the water is depicted as living freely and vibrantly, while the other, probably in the air, has its freedom limited, and perhaps might even be dead.


Freedom may be influenced by circumstances and environment. Just as the degree of freedom for a fish changes depending on whether it's in water or in the air, our own freedom also greatly varies depending on our environment.


This painting illustrates the importance of living in the optimal environment and circumstances in order to fully exercise our freedom.)

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