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Art is established through some form of expression. Art without expression does not exist. Additionally, expression is established by an expresser (including AI, etc). Expression without an expresser also does not exist.


In essence, art, expression, and an expresser are inseparable entities; without any one of these, art cannot be established.


However, while many people attempt to create new expressions, they do not try to create new expressers. If one can create new expressers, isn’t there a possibility that it could bring forth a new form of art, just as creating new expressions does?


So, what would a new expresser be like? To think about this, we need to know what kind of expressers, who have created art in the past, have been like.


Expressers who have been considered artists up to now must have had some relationship with art. People with absolutely no relation to art would likely not have engaged in it. In other words, it can be said that expressers with no connection to art (expression) did not exist.


Therefore, if one can create expressers unconnected to art (expression), it could potentially become a factor generating new expressions (art).


I have conveyed several philosophies (ideas) to you so far. I myself will never materialize them, but there is a possibility that you might convey them to someone else.


For example, you might convey these philosophies to someone completely unconnected to art, and that individual could utilize image-generating AI and the like to express those philosophies in a concrete form.


If a person, with neither interest nor concern in art, lacking skill and with no need to express it, does express it as art, can this individual be called an artist? And, can the expressions produced by that person be works of art?


That artist? could be regarded as the art supply for expressing my philosophies. Because without that person, my philosophies would never have been expressed as artworks.


Anyway, expressions that have never existed before will be brought forth by individuals unconnected to art, absent of the creator’s concept and devoid of any technique.


Until now, the artist’s concept (philosophies and intentions) has been present behind all art. However, with the open-sourcing of concepts and the development of automatic image-generating technology, new entities and expressions, unconstrained by either concept or technique, are likely to be created.


Is art something that can only be created by some people who engage with it?


Artist? might have the potential to be an entity that liberates art, which has been monopolized by artists.

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