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Do you remember the 4D PAINTING we talked about last time? 4D PAINTING takes advantage of the phenomena of weathering and degradation over time, using them to visually depict shapes in four dimensions.


What would happen if we continuously filmed a piece of 4D PAINTING?


Even though it's a video, what's captured doesn't visibly move. It's simply continuously capturing the work from a fixed point. That's all there is to it, just a video. Do you find it boring?


But to me, that footage definitely comes across as a moving image. Why? Because it captures an artist known as Nature.


The method of 4D PAINTING is a means to express the passage of time (the fourth dimension). In the areas cut out into specific shapes, weathering and degradation are happening at every moment. It might not always be visible to our eyes, but it is undoubtedly being drawn continuously.


This means that nature (the artist), existing as that particular location and environment, is always at work. If this is being filmed, aren't we watching a live painting?


Even though nothing seems to be moving on the surface, in reality, there is a substantial movement existing. This is undoubtedly a moving image. When you think about it this way, don't you start to see it too? The artist is indeed present there.


What this work is depicting is a visualized form of nature that no one has yet seen before. In this work, an artist who is perpetually creating live paintings is being delineated.

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